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What's New
1. 1964 Bridal Doll Paper Dolls #2528
2. D D, Pink Stripe
3. Young Singing Sisters, P & P, Restored PD Book
4. Mother & Daughter PDs. 1950-ish
5. Nurses Three, Restored 1965 Paper Doll Book

Top Sellers
1. JMJ PD Crafting Kit to download
2. JMJ PD Free Crafting Kit to download
3. Victorian Bride, Dowload/Printable FREE Paper Doll
4. Patsy Jon of 1957- Free Printable Paper Doll
5. FREE Printable Paper Doll by JMJ, Melanie

         Welcome to Paper Goodies from Judy's Place! We've had our website since 1995
Thank you for visiting and ordering from us!
NOTICE: If you have not received your product within 2 weeks of your order  PLEASE PHONE to let me know. I generally ship a day or 2 after I receive the order, PRIORITY, so most any address in the US, should be delivered within 3 days. If we wait too long, I can't run a claim for lost goods, at USPS. Phone 906-942-7865 or 810-299-5210 THANKS. Judy

As of Jan 21, 2017, Postal rates are up BY 15 cents. Priority rate is now $6.65
TIP to SAVE: If you are ordering only one or two products, you can phone it in and pay only $3.50 for First Class Mail.

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We stand by The Happy Customer Policy.
We will do whatever it takes until you are fully pleased:
Exchange, Return, Refund.
IMPORTANT: If you must return product for refund, you are required to phone with the reason why, within one week of receipt of your product. 906-942-7865 or 810-299-5210

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Love, Judy
home phones (10 am to 10 pm)
906-942-7865 & 810-299-5210


Something NEW: I have been adding lots of INSTANT DOWNLOAD designs on ETSY.com at reeally low prices. I can't do this kind of thing on this site...just doesn't have that ability. There are LOTS of other things on ETSY too that are NOT on this site. Have a look at www.etsy.com and look for Judys Paper Goodies or Judy M Johnson



Call in your VISA or MC orders 
906-942-7865 or 810-299-5210
10am- 10pm EST
Checks or Money Orders may be sent to:
Judy's Place, PO Box 216, Skandia MI 49885

To contact us please email directly at - 
Though I can easily get to your orders on the website, 
I am sometimes VERRRY slow to get to emails. For quick response, PLEASE PHONE!

   I have learned that MANY celebs names, images and likenesses are protected by legal representation. Even though the books are public domain, we cannot republish them as they have the name and likenesses of such stars.  Sad but true. I've had to drop over 70 titles in the last 2 years. Who knows which will drop next? I search for celebrity representatives but they are hard to find. We surely want to be doing business legally!!

Get them while you can.
Order the celebrity print catalogue


*Slide Shows  *New PDs
*Other PD things I may think of...
(It's a work in progress)


I have been playing with designs on Polyvore, which is a website blatantly marketing product, but offering artists the opportunity to use those products as design elements. We can create "sets" and collections. You may enjoy doing it too...or shopping there as well. Try clicking the link below to see some of my designs.
<iframe style="display: block;" height="168" src="http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/browse.sets?.mid=embed-car-679543&_out=embed&display=car&displayOptions=%7B%22withBy%22%3A0%7D&size=m&sort=-pop&src_action=browse.sets&uid=679543" frameBorder="no" width="524" allowTransparency="true" scrolling="no"></iframe>
Seems some customers are not clear on what products are FREE DOWNLOADS and what are FOR SALE. If it has a price...it's for sale, and you cannot download it, nor can we email it to you. When you "order" FREE PRODUCT, please choose "Free Product" as your "payment method" and not "credit card" or "PayPal" or "Mail-in. Thanks.
There's a FREE PRODUCT CATEGORY in the grey column to the left of every page. THOSE are the items that are free, downloadable to your computer, and/or printable from your printer.  Som are complete and ready to right-click and copy/paste into your own reference files.
I never want to mislead any of you dear people, so I hope this clarifies things.

Our paper dolls are presented in several formats:

1. DIGITAL -* NEW- Some design and craft products are available as DIGITAL ART. These we email to you, and you can print as many as you wish for your craft projects. Lots more designs for instant downloads are on ETSY. Look under judymjohnson

2. LASER PRINTED AS BOOKS-Printed on 11"x17", folded and stapled into finished 8.5"x11" books, "Saddle Stitched." Look for prefixes of FMN (Forget-Me-not) or PSP (Paper Studio Press) for these published BOOKS. PSP books are a little larger format 9.5" x 11.5" No die-cutting or perforating. You cut them in the old-fashioned way.

3. PAPER DOLL PRINTS and SHEETS- * We have many titles printed on 8.5" x 11" 80# Cardstock pages; some new designs, some restored from vintage sources.

4. GIFT ITEMS -* We have a variety of other products as well; Mini PD books, Note cards, and tons of darling PD Post Cards, and bookmarks to craft or finished.
5. PAPER CRAFTING * We have images on paper for craftwork: Artist Trading Cards (ATCs), bookmarks, bookplates, kits to make post cards, many Collage Sheets, and a limited supply of German & English Scrap.
6. VINTAGE PDs * Also we handle estates and collections of many authentic VINTAGE PDs from our own collections and consignee's.
FOREIGN ORDERS: There will likely be duty fees sent to out-of-U.S. addresses that you must pay on your end. We have no control over those fees. Large packs have gone up greatly. However we can pack 4-6 regular 8.5"x11" books in one Flat Rate Envelope, but larger items will have premium INTERNATIONAL PRIORITY expense.
Judy M Johnson has been illustrating paperdolls for major publishing houses since 1984, including B. Shackman, Dover, Magicloth Toys, and Schylling Toys, and for many periodicals and special events. Today she enjoys doing restorations of vintage paper doll sets and re-publishing them as full color laser copies (book format) on top grade archival papers for your reference and pleasure of collecting.

Products include: Original design paper dolls by Judy, reproductions of vintage paper dolls, PD post cards, PD note cards, Vintage paper dolls and toys from estates, Original Art, Collage Images, Bookmarks, Novelties, and more. We also carry the artwork of Judy's Mom, Helen Johnson, and of her friend, Patricia Hicks Ruiz. Sometimes we handle estates and collections for other people. At this update (spring 2013) we have rather a large inventory of vintage paper dolls and other paper products, and uploading to the site as fast as we can. Check the category panel on the left of each page for "Antique, Estate, Vintage" to see what's available. As these are just one-in-stock items, you need to move fast to get them.

All our FMN (Forget-Me-Not Publishing) products are Printed on Top Grade Archival (Acid Free) Papers 

HOW-To articles by Judy at eHow.com:
How to Design and Market Paper Dolls
How to Store, Preserve and Display Paper Dolls and Ephemera

We have several Paper Doll Slide Shows to view free at


Thanks so much for providing such an absorbing, entertaining and wonderful service for those of us who love paper dolls. I was entranced by your website and will no doubt get many more hours of enjoyment from visiting it, and, of course, ordering! B. Martha Lee

Dear Judy,
When I opened [my package of paper dolls] I was immediately transported back to a childhood memory of me sitting on the living room floor carefully cutting out lovely outfits and accessories for my new cut out doll.  It was wonderful to remember how exciting it was to receive a brand new paper doll book!  
   I loved each of the books I ordered and  I look forward to ordering more and giving them to friends.  I have no doubt that they too will revisit just a bit of their childhood when they open up their own paper doll books!   I’m also hoping to introduce my great niece to the captivating world of paper dolls!   
I appreciate your efforts and thank you most sincerely in “reviving” some lost treasures.  
Mary Jane Sprawka

I wanted to let you know that my order of paper dolls arrived 
yesterday.  It was a perfect time because I was confined to my bed 
with a bronchial infection and when my husband brought me the 
priority mail package with the paper dolls it made my day!! And thank 
you so much for the sweet message and the darling EXTRAS, I'm such a 
fan of the paper dolls from the '30s and "40s! -  Laura Fisher, Cobble Hill BC

Dear Judy, I just received my paper doll order: I'm like a little girl again!I dropped everything as I ripped open the Prioirity Mail which disclosed the
precious paper dolls you just sent. Long forgotten memories are crowding in on me, happy days long past when all I had to worry about was if I had enough change for the next paper doll I wanted to purchase. They are all beautiful, all priceless, at least in my "book". I'm having a very hard time NOT cutting out the clothes. Georgette Robin, California

I grew up in the 50's and loved my paper dolls.  I had a subscription to Jack and Jill, and still have many of those little paper dolls.   Good memories.
My mom was a teacher, and we had The Grade Teacher!   And of course, Betsy McCall.   My favorite was Kit and Kabootle,  and I still have
them on my dresser. Thanks for the memories!  Alice Gruber

From Dawn Sparks: Always a great transaction with unique items and superlative customer service. Judy is a gem!

 Dear Judy, The paperdolls came today, thanks.  I like them very much. I especially like your Bazaar lady,  very glamorous can't wait to show them to my paperdoll friends
Best, Inger Moller, Denmark

Hi Judy, My order was received yesterday -- what service!  Love the great job you
did in restoring the pd!
Many thanks, Love, Judy Jones, Arvonia, VA

Thank you Judy. Ever since I discovered your site on line I have become a big fan. I have loved paper dolls since I was just a little girl and I still do. I am so happy that I found you, Love Sandy

Dear Judy, My order was received yesterday -- what fast service!  I love your great  reproductions and this order, in particular, brought back many childhood happy memories!   Judith L. Jones, VA

Judy, I think you are amazing!!.You are so talented and obviously have other interests to boot. A few years ago I bought a notebook with several of your earlier pieces. I think you are more talented than many in the field. It is great to hear about your other interests. Thanks for the discount. Keep up the good work. Nancy Souder

Dear Judy, My paperdolls arrived yesterday, and I couldn't be happier.  I am amazed at the quality of your work...the colours are so vibrant!  I have always loved paperdolls and finding this site a short time ago has been a dream come true.  There were so many to choose from, and now that I see how much fun I'll have, I'll certainly be back.  Thanks so much for bringing back a part of my girlhood!  Cheers, Andrea, Brisbane, Australia

Judy, I received the lovely paper dolls yesterday.  Thank you so much!  I've already started cutting out OKLAHOMA.  The nice things about reproductions is that you don't have to feel guilty about cutting them out.  I hope to place another order soon with your store. - Alina Koluri, Wisconsin

My collection is growing and I love it.  It is a wonderfull past time and brings back memories of a wonderful era in time, when the world as we knew it, was at one point in time, at peace.  You have the best dolls that I have seen and your prices are so reasonable. - Charlotte Hilferding

I received my order on Saturday and was thrilled with everything.  I ordered many of Judy's paper dolls and love them so much.  Thank you for your fabulous work! Sincerely, Lorie Harding

Hi Judy, Received the paper doll sets today.  I love, love, love them!  I will  definitely be ordering more.  Not only will I have fun with them, they will  help me find missing pieces to sets I have.  The Sally's Silver Skates set I  had as a child - I couldn't understand how she could get married wearing ice skates, wouldn't she trip on her dress?  I had so many paper dolls as a kid
(only girl with 5 brothers) and I love finding sets I had back then. 
Thank you so much, Pam

Hi Judy-
your website is a dream come true! My birthday is May 31st-so I had the urge to treat myself to a bit of a paper doll splurge. Thanks so much for all of the trouble you go to, to make these cozy memories for us paper doll lovers. I have bad allergies to actual vintage papers and such, so these reproductions are the perfect solution for me. I was born in 1964, so a lot of the ones from the 50s, I can enjoy now. Keep up the fabulous work!
Kind regards- Jennifer Rios

Thrilling site!! Too much fun! Mary J Smith, Gardiner, Maine

Judy Greetings.
Order recieved!!! Paper dolls beautiful as usual! Thank you! Cross it off your list of things to do or wonder about!!!!!  Regards  Kathleen Maynez

Hi Judy,  I can't remember if I confirmed receipt of my adorable paper dolls.  I love them!  Your work is beautiful.  Please keep me informed of any other dark skinned paper dolls you create.  Debbie Garrett

Thank you so much - I am a paper doll lover and I am so excited to have found your website.   I shall be ordering again!   You have so many fabulous paper dolls and thank you so much, also, for your prompt attention to my order - I always find America has such a more professional attitude than good old England!!  Denise Hall  

Hi Judy, My complete order was received yesterday and I love it all! Many thanks!  Judith L. Jones, VA

Dear Judy: I  received my of 5 comic family books, on February 28.  All are very beautiful.  Thank you very much. Luz M. Casanova

I have received my order.  I was particularly fascinated to receive 'Anne' and 'Sally' as I have the originals from 1950's which I had as a child but with some clothes missing. I have been collecting for 56 years years and don't mean to stop now!  Carole Whiterod

Hello Judy,

Got items in very good time and excellent condition. Super to do business with, We will be back. Thanks for being there. David F.




I received my post cards, greeting cards and gift cards of the seasonal beauties yesterday, 21 July 07.  Thanks so much.  I bought a new 9 photo frame to start a new collection of your movie star/celebrity postcards yesterday.  At this rate I will have an entire wall dedicated to Judy Johnson creations, which is fine with me!   I think I could paper an entire room with the paper dolls I've purchased from you, but I won't as I want to keep them in their pristine condition.  Dawn Sparks


Just wanted to let you know I received my latest order and was absolutely delighted.  Another order has been placed online and I'm sending a check out to you tomorrow. Your IDEX paper dolls are amazing! Linda Smith


Just a quick thank you. I love the paper doll clock! it will have a place of honor in my space. Evie Fullingim


Returning customer. Very satisfied. [with Irresistible Images collage sheets] Laurie Alex

I never sell, rent or exchange your email or other data with anyone.  I honor you as a customer, and respect your privacy.

MORE, what people are saying about our site:

Hi Judy,
    I just wanted to thank you for the great paperdolls and the wonderful service. I can't believe they came so quickly. The quality is so good - I think better than some other repros that I have ordered elsewhere. I'm so glad I found your site. I look forward to ordering more. 
Thanks again, Becky

Hi Judy,

    I can't tell you how pleased I was that my husband ordered some wonderful items from your site for Christmas and my birthday today (and yes, I have to admit, I emailed him the link to your site and several others, dropping a very BIG hint).  I received the lovely clock (now hanging on a wall of my paper doll room) and two of your wonderful paper doll sheets (Stout Figures and the Panda). Also love Angelique, and Marcella.  Linda Ocasio.


Hi Judy,  Thanks again for sending the paperdolls so quickly in spite of your injuries.  You have done an excellent job in restoration. Sue Olson


Got your postcards and can't believe the color and finish.  What a great job you have done with them. Thanks so much for sending them and I hope they sell well.
Jim Lillimoe, past owner of B. Shackman Co. NYC.


Dear Judy, Thanks so much!  You've been a pleasure to work with. Elizabeth


Received my order today and I am so pleased !  Judy, they are so
beautiful. Thank you...and I will be ordering more. Carol


Thank you for your prompt reply and the expeditious shipping of my order.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you, and look forward to doing so in the future.
Thank you again, Sue


Hi Judy,
I received the package yesterday and I love everything! I'm having fun putting the paper doll house together. Thanks again, Lone, Denmark


Hi Judy!  Really enjoying the latest shipment of paper dolls from you!  Thanks for the free stuff too! By any chance are you related to Jenny at Paper Doll Review?  I was talking to her assistant Marge last week about an order, and something she said made me believe that Jenny may be your daughter?  Thanks for all the fun! Stephanie

[Yes, Stephanie, Jenny is my daughter, and publisher of PDR and Paper Doll Studio  and Paper Studio Press PD books.]


Oh Judy, thank you, thank you!!!  I love the paperdolls.  And I really appreciate you getting them mailed to me here in Florida. Have a great weekend. Gail Burtz
Hi Judy,  The paper dolls arrived today (11/23) - Christmas a month early!  I think I'm going to throw caution to the wind and order MORE now instead of waiting until next month!  My kids already know that they will never inherit any money, but my granddaughter knows she'll get my paper dolls.  Many thanks, Pat LeDoux
Yes, I was able to download the free paperdolls.  I received my order from you yesterday, and I was extremely pleased with what I ordered.  I will be ordering more as my budget allows.  I am so happy to have found your site.  Thanks,  Cher Johnson


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Bobbsey Twins PD Mystery Storybook

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Bobbsey Twins PD Mystery Storybook

Our Price: $14.00

Sweetheart (AKA Romance) PDs, Saalfield 1953

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Sweetheart (AKA Romance) PDs, Saalfield 1953

Our Price: $12.00

Pretty Bride Wedding Party, 1961 Restored PD

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Pretty Bride Wedding Party, 1961 Restored PD

Our Price: $20.00

Collage Art-Chapeaux of the Teens I

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Collage Art-Chapeaux of the Teens I

Beautiful Augusta Reimer fashion illustrations of fabulous hats of 1911-12

Our Price: $2.50

John F Hylan NYC Mayor 1925-CARDSTOCK-1 pg

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John F Hylan NYC Mayor 1925-CARDSTOCK-1 pg

Political Cartoon Paper Doll of the Mayor of New York City, John L. Hylan, from Judge Magazine, 1925

Our Price: $2.25

Bookmarks- Vintage Illustration-Deco Country

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Bookmarks- Vintage Illustration-Deco Country

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Collage Art: Naughty Ladies- Exotic: Images

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Collage Art: Naughty Ladies- Exotic: Images

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TWO-ABC Bird Books, turn-of-century reproduction

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TWO-ABC Bird Books, turn-of-century reproduction

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Sugg Antique: Jumbo cut-out dolls of 1920s-SALE

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Sugg Antique: Jumbo cut-out dolls of 1920s-SALE

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Penny Ross Newspaper PD-32#

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Penny Ross Newspaper PD-32#

Darling vintage art by Penny Ross for a newspaper of

Our Price: $2.50

JMJ PD- Twin Togs for Twin Tykes 1 pg PD

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JMJ PD- Twin Togs for Twin Tykes 1 pg PD

Our Price: $2.50

Nancy and Her Dolls With 7 Busy Days of Fun 1946

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Nancy and Her Dolls With 7 Busy Days of Fun 1946

Our Price: $16.00

Doll House Paper Dolls, Saalfield 1948

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Doll House Paper Dolls, Saalfield 1948

Our Price: $17.00

Mini Book-Claire McCardell Clever Card-Sized PD

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Mini Book-Claire McCardell Clever Card-Sized PD

Claire McCardell American Designer Mini Paper Doll Book

Our Price: $5.00

Mother & Daughter PDs. 1950-ish

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Mother & Daughter PDs. 1950-ish

Our Price: $12.00

Bookmarks to cut- Rolf Armstrong Cover Girls

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Bookmarks to cut- Rolf Armstrong Cover Girls

Our Price: $2.50

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