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Top Sellers
1. JMJ PD Crafting Kit to download
2. JMJ PD Free Crafting Kit to download
3. Victorian Bride, Dowload/Printable FREE Paper Doll
4. Patsy Jon of 1957- Free Printable Paper Doll
5. FREE Printable Paper Doll by JMJ, Melanie
JMJ-Free PDCrafting Kit to download-DebbieDressUp (0201-Free Product)

JMJ-Free PDCrafting Kit to download-DebbieDressUp

For YOU to Download and Print Out

Some Paper Doll Crafting Fun From Judy. A $10 Value!

If you absolutely cannot get to a printable image, email Judy, say which of the free paperdolls you like, and she will send you the art to your email address.

Full color dolls, trace-around dress templates, and 2 pages of trims-collars, cuffs, hems, pockets, bows...to apply to the dresses you cut from your own patterned papers. Check out wallpaper stores for old-out-of-date sample books. Look through your wrapping papers for small prints, florals, stripes, plaids and geometrics for background "fabric" for these doll's clothes.
Fill out the order form, and you can download the entire set for use with kids, scouts, and adults at paper doll parties, or for yourself. Please honor our original art Copyrighted Designs. NOT FOR RESALE.

This is a $10 value set, to thank you for visiting my website and to encourage you to introduce the fun of paper dolls to your friends, young and young-at-heart.  EnJOY! Judy :-)

Click here to easy-download right now.  Right-click on the image to save to your computer. Please select "free product" for your "payment method." PLEASE NOTE: If you want us to laser print this set for you, a charge of $10 will be added to your credit card.

* Just move through the process and proceed to checkout as if you are buying the set. No charges will "ring up" This is the way this website is set-up and the only way I have to get this free set to you. Please hang in there.
* You'll see a "Verify order"- click "save", then move onto check-out. When you get to the end or your order, there will be a link that indicates the number of your order (such as Order PPG-476) Click that, then it takes you to a review of the order, and you will see download above the order and one below the order. Please select "free product" for your "payment method." When you select FREE PRODUCT, then no shipping will be calculated.
* Click the bottom one, and when a box opens up, click Save or Open. Then you can either save it to one of your files. Or print it immediately. There are 4 pages for you to print out. One with the full color dolls, and 3 with the black and white trace-around patterns and trims to cut and paste.  (If you use this process we will add you to our paper doll update mailing list)

     Judy M Johnson is an internationally renowned paper doll artist, having been published by national companies including: B. Shackman; Dover Publications; Scott Publications; Collector Communications; Magicloth Toys; Schylling Toys; and Paper Studio Press-owned and operated by Judy's daughter, Jenny Taliadoros.(www.paperdollreview.com) Additionally,  she has written for: National Doll World; Artists Magazine; Dolls Magazine; Contemporary Doll; Ceramics Monthly;  Paper Doll Review; Paper Doll Studio (www.opdag.com); and others.

Seems some customers are not clear on what products are FREE DOWNLOADS and what are FOR SALE. If it has a price...it's for sale, and you cannot download it, nor can we email it to you. When you "order" FREE PRODUCT, please choose "Free Product" as your "payment method" and not "credit card" or "PayPal" or "Mail-in." Thanks.

There's a FREE PRODUCT CATEGORY in the grey column to the left of every page. THOSE are the items that are free, downloadable to your computer and printable from your printer. I never want to mislead any of you dear people, so I hope this clarifies things.

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