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E ve A, Restored 1953 Saalfield Book (1386-ref PD)

E ve A, Restored 1953 Saalfield Book

E ve A rden Paper Dolls
Restored 1953 Saalfield Book
With 5 Dolls
For Collector Reference

Eve was a top movie star well known for her wise cracking side-kick roles. When she reached the small screen - Television - she became the lead in a couple very popular TV series. Our Miss Brooks, [her own] TV Show and guest spots on other shows including Tennesee Ernie Ford, I Love Lucy, and Bewitched. Her film career began in 1929 to 1982 in Grease playing the same type of role that made her famous.

As there were three versions to this set, and we had one plus a doll page from another, we have done the complete book with 3 dolls and 4 pages of costumes, and I've added a slip-in bonus page with two dolls on it. If it were the very same art we would have left it out, but these dolls, though in the same pose are repaints from the original. So you can select the likenesses of our favorite sassy gal that you like best. The yellow page is the inserted one.

I get a kick out of presenting this book, as the likenesses on the cover art and the dolls too, are VERY much like the star herself. AND I met her while she was in the UP (Upper Peninsula of Michigan) when Anatomy of a Murder was being filmed here.

The author, John Voelker (aka Robert Traver,) of the book was a fishing buddy of my Dad's. When filming was happening at the court house he gave me and my mom and another mom and daughter friends, the grand tour. I brought my autograph book, and got everyone's signatures: Eve, Ben Gazarra, Otto Preminger, Jimmy Stewart (who was very nice to this 12 year old girl) Kathryn Grant Crosby, George C Scott, Brooks West, Lee Remick, Judge Welch (a real Mich. Supreme Court Judge,) John Voelker (who drew me a trout jumping) and other people on the crew. We watched from the balcony next to a big light and its technician, Charlie.

I recently made a sale of the hard cover book of Anatomy of A Murder with all those signatures in it, for $400. This was for our friend Verle who was there with us. The family of John Voelker was thrilled to acquire it at that price, and Verle was thrilled to get than much for it. (My autograph book is not for sale.)

Restored, reprinted finished stapled size 8.5"x11"; all archival, 80# covers, 32# inside, stored in Mylar seal-top bag.

US Orders over $90 are free shipping. You are welcome to phone in your orders 10 am to 10 pm EST. We are up near Lake Superior in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. 
Phone 906-942-7865 or 810-299-5210

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