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JMJ "Family" PD Note Cards, set of designs by Judy (1860-JMJ PD Cards)

JMJ "Family" PD Note Cards, set of designs by Judy

Paper Doll Note Cards
by Judy M Johnson

I have taken parts (or all) from sister and mother-daughter paper dolls I have painted or modified from vintage fashion art. There are 4 double-fold cards with lots of costumes for the pairs of dolls on each card.

The designs are:
Sisters (fairly contemporary styles)
Mother-Daughter of 1939
Mother-Daughter of 1925
Mama and Me of the mid-late 20s

All archival; laser printed on 32# fine-grained paper, folded twice to a finished size of 4.25 x 5.5, with room on the inside to write your own notes. Comes with 4 plain white envelopes.

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     Judy M Johnson is an internationally renowned paper doll artist, having been published by national companies including: B. Shackman; Dover Publications; Scott Publications; Collector Communications; Magicloth Toys; Schylling Toys; and Paper Studio Press-owned and operated by Judy's daughter, Jenny Taliadoros.(www.paperdollreview.com) Additionally,  she has written for: National Doll World; Artists Magazine; Dolls Magazine; Contemporary Doll; Ceramics Monthly;  Paper Doll Review; Paper Doll Studio (www.opdag.com); and others.

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