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Hurrell Star Portrait- Constance Dowling (2006-Hurrell Star)

Hurrell Star Portrait- Constance Dowling

George Hurrell Star Portrait:
from Esquire Magazine Dec. 1943
Constance Dowling
Authentic Vintage Page...Not Copies!

Priced well below market!

George Hurrell was to Hollywood what Raphael Tuck was to Queen Victoria. He was the BEST at making young stars look glamourous, gorgous, sumptuous...and often in black and white. Which I think are some of his most beautiful works.

Mr. Hurrell worked from his San Fernando Balley house shooting nearly every star and starlet from the 30s well into the 60s. He was friends with most everyone who sat for him. And why not? He made everyone look soooo good!

His photos became popular in Esquire Magazine, and later in Playboy Magazine. His shots of Harlow and Rita and Russell,and more are famous and quite recognizably familiar. He shot the iconic Jane Russell in the hay for that film that was not near as good as the photo; The Outlaw.

This portrait is Constance Dowling. Shown very small-On the back side is a real bonus; a painting by famed illustrator/cover artist, John Falter, showing  a soldier coming upon the Holy city of Jerusulem. Under the painting is "In the Year of Our Lord 1943"  Because of this we deduce that the page is from the December issue, 1943 Esquire.

Also included is the cut-out describing the star, her bio and vital statistics; ht 5'5"; wt 112; bust 34; waist 23.5"; etc. She had recently appeared in Samuel Goldwyn's "Up in Arms" with Danny Kaye.

I am parting with some of my collection. This is a full color, fold-out page, sized 18" x 14". When folded the size is 9.75" x 14." Condition FINE. I have just this one to sell.

Foreign Cutsomers PLEASE NOTE: because of the larger size, it will cost more than the usual to send them in flat Priority Packaging. So please be prepared to cover any additional charges. Thanks.

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