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Ready-to-Use long Bkmrks-Storybook; Long Time Ago (2333-FMN Bookmarks)

Ready-to-Use long Bkmrks-Storybook; Long Time Ago

Ready-to-Use Bookmarks
A Long Time Ago
Turn of the Century Storybook Art

Here are four gift-ready bookmarks, in heavy duty clear sleeves with a double-sided satin ribbon topper looped into the top point. This set is a larger/longer style than other "short" styles we also have for sale on this site.

These designs are from a British turn-of-the-century storybook called A Long Time Ago. There were just four gorgeous full color plates in the book...just right for making these bookmarks. The artists noted on the title page are Eddie J Andrews and R.A. Bell. However the illustration of Jack and the Beanstalk is initialed SCS.

The stories are:
- Sleeping Beauty
- Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp
- Jack and the Beanstalk
- Little Boy Blue

Great for little gifts for hostess, for your book and craft club members, bible study group, or use as a gift tag or party favor at each dinner place.

I have a limited quantity to sell, just ten sets of four will be made. Laser printed on archival 80# cardstock. Top grade bookmark sleeves...not the thin "bag" weight.

Bargain priced at only $1.50 each. They could easily retail at $3 each

Size of image: 2.4" x 7.25"
Size of Bookmark (not measuring the ribbons): 2.5" x 9"

U.S. orders over $90 are FREE SHIPPING

Limited Stock: Only 10 sets will be made

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You are welcome to phone in your order to our home business- 10 am to 10 pm EST; 906-942-7865 (this # has an answering machine)

PLEASE NOTE: This is a one-woman operation- designer, publisher, printer, order-fulfillment, customer service, etc. for this business.
And I am active in two non-profit groups as well. What this means is that I am often verrry slow at replying to email. For any urgent business, suggestions, complaints, chats, etc. PLEASE PHONE. Then your concerns will be handled most rapidly.

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