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JMJ-A Backward Glance @ 30s Eve. Gowns (0597-FMN/JMJ PD)

JMJ-A Backward Glance @ 30s Eve. Gowns

A Backward Glance at Evening Wear of the 1930s (with small images of the fronts of the gowns)
A New Paper Doll Made by Judy M Johnson from Restyled Fashion Illustrations

When I first made this book, a couple people commented they wondered what the fronts for the gowns looked like, so I did this version. For the curious fashion afficiandos, you will want this version. In fact, all orders are for this version...so we dropped the other.

What fun! Using illustrations from fashion magazines and pattern books of the 1930s, Judy has modified them to fit her slenderized doll. The title refers to the back-views of each of the lovely softly falling folds of the bias cut fabrics. A nice collection of gowns reminiscent of films of the 30s, and designs by Adrian. As fashion was definitely influenced by moving pictures and what actresses wore, it's no surprize that some of these look like they stepped right out of the movies. But ours are in FULL COLOR! Not black and white like the old films.

Two covers with authentic 30s interior design art, laser printed on 80# coverstock, and 4 pages showing eleven gorgeous gowns.

The fashions used here are researched and revised from images in a collection of scanned vintage fashion CDs purchased from Debby Zaminski on eBay. There are others who sell CDs with fashion art there, so you can try this too without owning tons of magazines and catalogues (like we do...but don't have time to do all the scanning and organizing to make CDs like these!)

NOTICE: This is a stapled BOOK. We are delighted to present this vintage restored/reprinted "perfect bound" (stapled) book from Forget-me-Not Publishing (FMN). These are 11”x17" sheets printed in permanent laser colors, on top grade papers, folded and stapled to a finished size of 8.5x11.  Costume pages are on Bright white archival 32# laser paper. Covers are on archival 80# laser cover stock paper. These papers are a dream to cut...nice clean edges, no popping of inks, very smooth and fun to handle. We slip the book into a crystal clear archival protective Mylar sleeve to keep it nice and clean.

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Restored Vintage Paper Doll, © 2008, Forget-Me-Not Publishing

     Judy M Johnson is an internationally renowned paper doll artist, having been published by national companies including: B. Shackman; Dover Publications; Scott Publications; Collector Communications; Magicloth Toys; Schylling Toys; and Paper Studio Press-owned and operated by Judy's daughter, Jenny Taliadoros.(www.paperdollreview.com) Additionally,  she has written for: National Doll World; Artists Magazine; Dolls Magazine; Contemporary Doll; Ceramics Monthly;  Paper Doll Review; Paper Doll Studio (www.opdag.com); and others.

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