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Jane W, Child Star, 1938 (0646-Reference PD)

Jane W, Child Star, 1938

Art by Avis Mac

GORGEOUS art from Whitman, 1938, painted from life by portrait artist, Avis Mac. She painted some of the prettiest paper dolls ever. Her likenesses are perfect and her clothing is rich, loaded with color and tone, and over-all, very beautiful. This book has authentic clothing worn by the young star. Photos accompany the costume art. Jane, herself said this is her favorite paper doll book...and we have the evidence, because this book from which we worked, is SIGNED, saying it's her favorite! We have included a copy of the inscription on the inside of the front cover. She did the signature for Elaine Price at a 1991 Los Angeles paper doll convention. I bought the book from Elaine at the 2008 convention in New Jersey.

It's got two dolls (both covers) on lovely backgrounds, and eight pages of clothes, also on pretty backgrounds with publicity photos of the cute young actress. This is her second paper doll book, done after her 1934 film "Bright Eyes" with Shirley when Jane played the nasty rich kid, where Shirley's single mom worked as a servant. It was tough going in hollywood to be the kid who was mean to beloved Shirley. In real life, Jane was a much friendlier and more accessible child than was Shirley, who was "protected" from normal child relationships...especially in the film business.

The multi-talented star began at a very young age of FOUR with her OWN Atlanta radio show. She sang and danced as well as she acted. Her first movie role was with WC Fields at the age of only seven. Some may remember her in her later years as the character "Josephine the Plumber" in TV cleaning product ads. Jane maintained a life long friendship with President F D Roosevelt. Read more about the star at http://www.georgiaencyclopedia.org/nge/Article.jsp?id=h-2860

We also now have a Jane book done when she was in her teens- http://www.papergoodies.com/scripts/prodview.asp?idProduct=850

This is a stapled BOOK. These are 11”x17" sheets printed in permanent laser colors, on top grade papers, folded and stapled to a finished size of 8.5x11.  This new formatting may result in a reduction of 5 to 23% smaller than the originally published size. Costume pages are on Bright white archival 32# laser paper. Covers are on archival 80# laser cover stock paper. These papers are a dream to cut...nice clean edges, no popping of inks, very smooth and fun to handle. We slip the book into a crystal clear archival protective seal top bag to keep it nice and clean.

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