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Prom Time with Sara & Melanie, Whitman 1962 (0705-FMN PD)

Prom Time with Sara & Melanie, Whitman 1962

Prom Time with Sara & Melanie
Restored, Modified Whitman PD Book from FMN Publ.

This was a tall, narrow format book of 1962, which does not reformat proportionately to 8.5x11, so I did some alterations; the 8 pages of clothes became 6 pages, by rearranging the clothes to fill the wider pages. The covers are changed also, with the single bower of flowers  expanded to extra growth at the base. The back cover doll had a strange face which was fixed as well. The gowns and dresses are beautifully painted.

This is a stapled BOOK. We are delighted to present this vintage restored/reprinted "perfect bound" (stapled) book from Forget-me-Not Publishing (FMN). These are 11”x17" sheets printed in permanent laser colors, on top grade papers, folded and stapled to a finished size of 8.5x11.  This new formatting may result in a reduction of 5 to 23% smaller than the originally published size. Costume pages are on Bright white archival 32# laser paper. Covers are on archival 80# laser cover stock paper. These papers are a dream to cut...nice clean edges, no popping of inks, very smooth and fun to handle. We slip the book into a crystal clear archival protective seal-top bag to keep it nice and clean.

Restored Vintage Paper Doll, © 2008, Forget-Me-Not Publishing, Skandia Michigan

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